The Pastor Challenge

The Pastor Challenge

The Assist Pregnancy Center's Walk-Run-Ride for Life is coming up in May and this year I am challenging myself in order to challenge all of you! I am challenging myself to ride a "Metric Century" (100 kilometers) in four hours, and if I can ride farther than I ever have at one time before, I challenge all of you to support me more than ever before. I set my goal this year at $5,000, and our team (Lutherans for Life) at $7,500! If I can do it, you can do it. Assist helps so many mothers and babies, and they are expanding their facility to help even more - and so need our help more than ever, especially coming out of this pandemic. So please help! CLICK HERE to go to my sponsor page to sponsor me, or you can sponsor anyone else who joins the team, or the team as a whole.

Will you step up to the challenge??

Friday, January 23, 2009

Leaving for Kenya

I leave for Kenya tomorrow (Saturday). I leave around dinner time and get into Amsterdam on Sunday morning. From there it's onto Nairobi, getting in Sunday night. I will stay overnight there and leave to fly across the country to Kisumu on Monday morning. Then a drive to the seminary in Mutongo and teaching Monday afternoon. Sounds tiring - hopefully I'll be able to get some sleep on the planes. If I get internet access, I plan on posting daily updates here.

I have two plans for my time on the airplanes. First, I must study my Latin and get caught up! Second, I am going to read Ben Hur. Some folks in my congregation told me that would be a good book to read, and I figured this would be a good time to do so! I'll enjoy the down time, though I am going to miss my family. I've been away from them for almost as long a time before - but never halfway across the world! That makes it different somehow.

I know that I am going to learn as much from the pastors there as I am able to teach - probably more. Hopefully, I'll be able to tell you about it here soon. Bye for now . . .

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Missing Symposia

This is the first year since I became a pastor that I have missed the Theological Symposia at our Ft. Wayne seminary. I miss being among my fellow pastors, listening to the papers, and attending chapel. It is always a refreshing time for me. This year, though, since I am departing for Kenya on Saturday for a little over two weeks, would have been too much. I need this week to be with my family before I leave and to finish my preparations for teaching. I am both terrified and excited at the opportunity. But the reason for my post: I have not seen much posted about the symposia. Any of you out there attending - what have you heard? What has been good? Bad? Enlightening? Please advise.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Good News and Bad News

Well, my Eagles lost. A truly ugly first half did them in, although they made it a game in the second half. I was going to be sad if they made it to the Super Bowl because I'm going to be in Kenya at that time and couldn't watch it! So I guess it's all good.

The good news today is that we are expecting some snow today - finally! Not a lot, probably only an inch, but we haven't gotten any yet this year, and I like to have some snow. So I'll enjoy watching it come down today, and make sure I fill the bird feeders to watch our feathered friends in it too.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Follow Up

A week or so ago, I wrote a post about two dearly loved members of my church leaving. Here is another post (mostly) on this subject, from a pastor-friend of mine. 

Friday, January 9, 2009

Closed Communion

I appreciate this thought from Pastor Weedon on this topic. Close(d) communion is something folks in my congregation (and I) struggle with. While we do practice close(d) communion, we do not like it - which, as Pastor Weedon points out - is proper! One thing we do each week in our Prayer of the Church is pray both for those who commune and those who do not yet commune with, praying for unity in our confession and looking forward to the day when we are all united as one around the Lamb in His kingdom, which will never end.

I guess what struck me (which I never heard verbalized before) is that we don't have to - and shouldn't! - like this practice. But we do it in love for our Lord's Word and love for those who do not yet confess the truth.