Monday, February 8, 2016

On the Road Again

Off to my Circuit Pastors Conference in Bound Brook, NJ, not too far outside New York City. I enjoy getting together with my brothers, though the great number of vacancies we have at this time has driven the numbers down. But little by little they are being filled, so in the future we'll have a bigger group. Hopefully the weather will cooperate, too, and the driving will be smooth. :-)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

One of Those Days . . .

Please pardon me. My brain seems to be not working. Anything requiring thought is beyond me today. Check back tomorrow.

Monday, January 25, 2016

More Snow Pictures

Just some more pictures for you to enjoy . . .

I thought it interesting how the wind sculpted the snow on the roof next to the house.

Hasn't avalanched yet!

Yes, it's pretty deep!

The snow mountain next to our driveway . . . and I'm not done the driveway yet!
And see the mailbox? I still have to dig that out too. That one's gonna be tough.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Officially . . .

Blizzard update: The National Weather Service has my neighborhood at 23.5 inches of snow as of late last night. So yup, we got two feet. After Church "on the air" this morning, time to dig out . . .

And some pictures:

I posted this one yesterday morning . . .

Here's an update from this morning, after we knocked the snow off yesterday for the birds to be able to drink. (You can see where our "footprints" were!) The heater inside kept it from being completely submerged.

My back deck. That's my grill in the back, and an elevated garden box on the right.  :-)

Saturday, January 23, 2016

March for Life

I was not able to be at the March for Life this year as I attended the Theological Symposia at the Seminary in Ft. Wayne, IN and was driving home on Friday in an effort to beat the storm . . . but here's a good picture for you . . . and look what group is right at the front! (Check the front right of the picture.)  :-)

Preach the Word . . . In Season and Out of Season

Due to the weather, Saint Athanasius will not have Divine Service in Vienna tomorrow. The likelihood is that even if we could get to the church building, neither the driveway nor the parking lot will be plowed, and there may or may not be power.

HOWEVER, there WILL be preaching! We will have a brief and adapted order of Matins online at our regular time, 10:15 am. Click here to go to our web site and get instructions for how to log in and join us.

The Lord bless and keep you, especially safe as we await the end of the snowfall and begin digging out.

Morning Snow Pictures

Here are a couple of pictures from the overnight snow. So far we have about a foot. It's supposed to keep up pretty good all day today as well, so we'll see how much we finally get.

Looking out a kitchen window to our back deck. I just liked how the thin column of snow was balanced on top of the railing. 

Out the front window at our bird feeder. It didn't come out great, but this should be a busy place today!

Right below our bird feeder is our bird bath. Even though I have a lightbulb inside to keep the water from freezing, it was overwhelmed. I'll clear it off later today, but this one little fella was asking: "Water, please?" :-)