Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Vacation - On to Utah!

After spending the night in Grand Junction, we got a car and headed to Utah on Wednesday morning, headed to our next stop in Moab, UT, which is between two of Utah's five National Parks. It wasn't a particularly long drive (maybe 2 hours), but in that part of Utah, there's a whole lot of nuthin'!

First stop was to Canyonlands. One of the things that shocked me was how large these parks are! Once you get to them, you often drive 20 minutes just to get to where you want to go in them.

A few pics . . .

They let you walk right up to the edge of some of these cliffs and canyons!

As I said, there's a whole lot of nuthin' out here, and the lodging places know it, so they charge an arm and a leg. So we stayed in an RV park that also had some "cabins." Little, but did the trick. :-)

I know this picture won't do it justice, but the sunrise the next morning.

We woke up early Thursday morning because we heard how awful the lines can be to get into our next park if you don't get there early. So we did.

One of the disappointing things this trip was that we were hoping to see the stars at night. But there were always clouds that rolled in in the afternoons and stayed for the evenings. Those, coupled with smoke from the wildfires in northwestern Utah and Nevada, meant no stars for us. Bummer.

Tomorrow: Arches!

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