Monday, August 6, 2018

Vacation, Days 1-3

We're back from our vacation out west, so thought I throw a few pictures up and let you know about where we went and what we did. We did a big vacation this year, going to Utah and Colorado to visit the National Parks there. The first thing we did was take the train out west. We thought a couple of days to just rest and decompress would be good. We went from DC to Chicago (Sunday PM to Monday Noon), and then took the California Zephyr to Grand Junction, CO (Monday PM to Tuesday PM).

At a rest stop after climbing through the Rockies in Fraser, CO, elevation 8574 feet. And yes, we're all wearing sweatshirts because even though its hot outside, inside the train the temperature is normally a balmy 50 degrees!

A view out of the observation car.

A view of "Dead Man's Curve." That shiny object on the hillside is a car! Some teenagers tried to take the turn too fast, but fortunately, their car stopped and did not tumble all the way down the hillside! (If you cannot see it, click on the picture to enlarge.)

When we went to eat dinner in Grand Junction, we walked around the town a little and found a couple of pianos that they put on the sidewalks for anyone to play!

Tomorrow: on to Utah!

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