Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Vacation - Arches

So we heard of our next National Park how popular it is and how awful the lines to get in can be (up to two hours at times!). So we woke up especially early Thursday morning and got in to Arches National Park before the crowds.

Some of the arches we got to see . . .

This is the famous "Delicate Arch." We didn't take the hike back to it as it was getting along in the afternoon and we were getting pretty tired. So this one just from afar.

Double arch in the background.

Some you could climb up and into and see up close and personal!

And then a couple friends we saw along the way . . .

Another thing that surprised me out west - how fast we closed some of the distances. Out east, you see a mountain in the distance, and you could drive a long time and never get to that mountain. But out west, I'd see a mountain or mesa or something in the distance and then in just a few minutes, it seemed as if we were there! Not sure what was going on with that - just interesting (to me, at least!).

Tomorrow: Back to Colorado

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