Thursday, March 31, 2011


One of the joys of living in the Washington, DC area is that our airwaves are filled with lobbying commercials. When funding decision are being made (as are many these days) we get ads trying to sway either the politicians, public opinion, or both. (Maybe these are all over the country now, I don’t know. But I don’t remember them being as ubiquitous as they are here.)

Which air-refueling tanker to buy? There’s a commercial for that. Should they cancel the new strike fighter contract? There's a commercial for that. Should Planned Parenthood be funded? Yup, now there's a commercial for that.

And I must say that with all these commercials - that are by their very nature one-sided - I have never heard an ad so blatantly deceptive as the Planned Parenthood one. I looked briefly for a link so you could listen for yourself, but haven’t found one as yet. But here’s the gist of how it goes:

A young lady is speaking. She went to a Planned Parenthood clinic while in college and had no health insurance. There they found she had cervical cancer and saw that she got the care that she needed. She would not have been here without Planned Parenthood!

Announcer: Call your legislator and tell them to stop playing politics and provide vital health services for so many people who cannot afford them through funding Planned Parenthood!

I am sure this is a true story. I am glad that she got the help she needed. But it is equally true that 98% of the “vital health services” that Planned Parenthood provides fall into one category: abortion. This is the unspoken reason why this young college student went to Planned Parenthood in the first place, why they were poking around her cervix, and how they found her cancer.

So here’s an alternate idea: take the 2% of the funds normally given to Planned Parenthood that are used for non-abortion health services, and use that to help fund Obamacare. That way, young ladies like these will be able to get the help they need, and babies (who so inconveniently can’t vote yet) will live long enough to get some of the help they need, too.

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