Thursday, April 14, 2011

One Hurdle Done, One To Go

Well, today I cleared a big hurdle for school - today was my day to present and lead class discussion on Luther's revision of the Roman Ordo Missae. We've been studying the development of the Mass during the medieval period, so I started with the way things were when Luther came around, and then looked at and evaluated the structure and rubrics he wrote of in his reform. I also turned in the first draft of my research paper for this. It went well. Had a good discussion and my presentation seemed to be well received. All I have left to do for this class is revise the paper and turn in a final draft, which shouldn't be too bad at all. That will wait until after Easter.

My other class - the Holy Spirit in Liturgical Celebration - I still have to work on and finish my research paper for. For this class I am looking at Luther's two revisions of the baptismal liturgy and how his changes may impact how the role of the Holy Spirit is regarded in baptism. So for this one I need to look at the rites Luther inherited, how he changed them, his theology of the Holy Spirit, and how this all goes together. I have part of it done, but put it on the back burner to finish my other class! Now its moving to the front . . . just in time for Holy Week!

That's what's making this semester so hard this year - the end of the semester and Holy Week coming at the same time. I'll get it all done, somehow. Just might lose a little sleep . . .

But I must say, the campus here looks wonderful. The tulips are all out in full bloom. Many different colors. They do a great job with their gardens here. And Starbucks makes a good, strong coffee!

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