Monday, March 21, 2011

There's Always Another . . .

One of the good things about preaching, I think, is that there's always another sermon to write and preach. If I preach a sermon that I was unhappy with, that I just couldn't seem to get right, that didn't seem to connect and communicate, I cannot dwell on it (and get down on myself) - there's the next sermon to begin studying for and preparing. In the same way, if I preach a sermon that I was very happy with, that seemed to resonate with my people, I cannot dwell on it (and become prideful) - there's the next sermon to draw my attention. I think this is a great gift of preaching once or twice a week. Can it become a grind? Sure. Preaching is hard work. But the Word of God that comes each week keeps me focused on the future, not the past; on what God is doing, not what I have done. And that's good for me.

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Anonymous said...

I thank God that he blesses your "hard work" of preparing and preaching Christ centered sermons ... just because you are unhappy with a sermon does NOT necessarily mean that it is not the message God desired to be delivered to HIS people.

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