Friday, March 11, 2016

On the Road Again

I am off to Montreal for a quick trip, leaving this afternoon and returning tomorrow night. Am going for the installation of a new pastor for our congregation there. I am so excited to have him at this church and in my district and circuit. Pastor St-Onge is not only a good friend, great pastor, and a scholar, he is exactly what this congregation needs. So it will be a joy to participate in his installation tomorrow.

I first met Pastor St-Onge when he was graduating from the seminary. I was receiving my STM the same day and we were able to talk about the congregation he was called to: my parents' congregation and the one I grew up in, St. Mark's in Ridley Park, PA. He served there a number of years, including taking care of my parents' during my mother's final days on earth. For his care and faithful preaching those years, I will be ever grateful.

It will be a tiring weekend, as not only am I taking this trip, but Daylight Savings Time begins this weekend and I will lose an hour of sleep! Ugh.  :-)

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