Monday, March 28, 2016

Final Four and Easter Monday

Well, the 89 seconds I spent filling out my NCAA tournament bracket were a wasted 89 seconds of my life I'll never get back.  :-(  Granted, I picked some daring upsets (like the first 16 over a 1, cuz it has to happen someday!), but Syracuse? Really?

The good news is . . . Villanova! That's my team. My father went there for college back in the day, and we've been fans ever since. The last couple years have been tough to watch their early exits, but they made it this year. Hopefully they have a couple more victories in them and you'll be hearing this song lots more! (Sorry for the ad at the beginning - just skip it.)

Today is golf! The day after Easter I like to go out and just do something mindless for a few hours. And yes, I know, while all you golf aficionados will tell me that golf is a cerebral game, let me tell you - not when I play it! :-) So hopefully the rain will hold off, the sun will come out, I won't lose too many balls, and maybe even make a par or two . . .

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