Sunday, March 13, 2016

Installation Pictures

Some pictures from the installation Saturday at Ascension Lutheran Church in Montreal . . .

The pastors who took part in the service: Rev. Paul Hoyer (SELC District Mission Executive), Rev. David Somers (Ascension's French pastor), Rev. Andy Dzurovcik (SELC District President), Rev. David Millet (Pastor in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island and a son of the congregation), Rev. Charles St-Onge (Ascension's new pastor), yours truly (SELC District Eastern Circuit Visitor), Rev. Paul Zabel (Lutheran Church Canada East District President), and Chun Lin Hu (Ascension's Chinese pastor). A good group that I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with!

Pastor St-Onge and Pastor Peasant - old friends together again.

The St-Onge family.

The difficult thing about this trip was that I didn't sleep well Friday night at the hotel, had a long day Saturday, had a late flight home, woke up early Sunday morning to get my stuff together, AND lost an hour of sleep due to the start of daylight savings time! Then, in addition to Private Absolution, Bible Class, and the Divine Service, had two catechism classes this afternoon. I'm tired. :-)

But I am thrilled to have Pastor St-Onge in our district and circuit. He will be a real asset for us. Now I'm going to finish a few more things up and off to bed!

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