Saturday, January 23, 2016

Symposia, Day 3 and Back Home

Well, the papers given continue to be a mixed bag - some good, some not so much. The banquet in the evening was nice, and I had some good conversations with the people at my table.

And yes, I was watching the weather. For those who wonder if I made it home, yes, I am home. I left Ft. Wayne at 5:00 am and managed to beat the storm mostly, driving only the last hour or so through the beginning of the snowfall. I returned my rental car, my wife picked me up, and then she left to go to work at the hospital. She was scheduled to work this weekend anyway, but will now just stay there through Monday or Tuesday to cover those who cannot make it in.

Here is a picture of me and my seminarians in front of the chapel. I was pleased George could make it from his vicarage and I could visit with them both. :-)

(Note: The Pastor's the only one not in a clerical!)

Also, still waiting for Teresa to give birth. Any day now! They were delighted with all the baby gifts I was able to bring out.

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