Monday, January 4, 2016

Pet Peeves

Pet peeves on my mind today . . .

+ Warm winters - it's supposed to be cold! (We're actually cold today and tomorrow, but Christmas Eve at 70 degrees? Gimme a break!)

+ People who hit your car in the parking lot and drive away without leaving you a note, leaving you either with a repair bill or (probably) increased insurance cost.

+ Web pages which jump around with ads while loading, causing you to click on ads you don't want, which gives the page their revenue from the ad click but causing you to go places you don't want to go!

Got any you want to share?  :-)


SkyPilot said...

Yeah, People who complain about warm winters - it'll be 30 below tonight. Come for a visit!

Pastor Peasant said...

30 below! Where do you live?