Thursday, January 21, 2016

Symposia, Day 2

Sadly, meh. Again. Heard five papers yesterday, but the tendency has been to deliver ten minute papers in 60 minutes. Get to the point, please, and do some analysis, not just data collection and presentation. There were a couple of exceptions, papers worth listening to. Dr. Wenthe's actually ended too soon. He has a good ability to examine the culture and apply theology to it, but mid-paper was interrupted by a presentation - I wish one of the others had been interrupted instead! The second paper worth the price of admission was Dr. Rittgers. I have read his work before and he is very good and did not disappoint. He is an historian and has a good ability to deliver a tight, focused, and interesting paper. The others . . .

I did receive some good news yesterday. Modern Reformation Magazine is publishing my article in their March/April edition - an apologetic, of sorts, for the resurrection. I wrote it last year and hadn't heard much back from them, so wasn't sure. So glad my efforts there will be rewarded.

I've also been watching the winter storm moving into DC on Friday. I think I'll get home before most of it hits. Sadly, it is Ma Peasant's weekend to work, which means with the snow (if it comes as they say) we probably won't see her from Friday night until sometime on Sunday afternoon. :-(

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