Tuesday, April 14, 2015

District Convention - Final Day

The convention concluded Sunday as we attended the Divine Service with the congregation, which was nice. During the service our new DP and all the newly elected were installed. Then we had lunch and a brief afternoon session to finish some things up. We concluded with the traditional memorial service for all who had died since the last convention.

One item of note: our lay delegate was elected to the nominating committee for the 2016 Synodical Convention! No, I did not nominate her or vote for her (as we promised each other - she wouldn't vote for me and I wouldn't vote for her) but she got elected anyway. I actually am glad for it's an important committee and good to have her on it.

After the convention I drove down to Philadelphia and saw our old house and what the new owner had done to it, visited some neighbors, and then some old friends, before driving home. I got home really late and was really tired, but fortunately the angels were with me and got me home safely - somehow. Taking a couple days off now to rest as I didn't get any time off after Easter. I need it!

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