Saturday, April 11, 2015

District Convention - Day 1

Today was a pretty benign day. Mostly reports, presentations, introductions, and things of that nature. Some good, some the usual. Two "devotional services" with guys in my circuit preaching - better than the usual for a district convention. The Synod President had his time today to report and answer questions. He did a good job, though I wish more people would ask questions. The nice thing is that he and his folks are here for the whole convention, so we can talk to him informally all throughout.

Yesterday is when we also had our official circuit forums. These are when each circuit meets separately and elects their "circuit visitor (formerly counselor)" and delegates to the synodical convention next year. Sadly, I was elected our circuit visitor/counselor. I really did not want to do it again and wanted to give someone else the chance, but I respect the decision of the circuit. The delegates we elected were pretty good too. And no, not me. :-)

The thing about being elected as CV is that you can only be elected to one position, which means I am not eligible to be elected as our circuit's representative to the Lutheran Haven Board of Trustees. I was elected to this last convention and have grown fond of serving on this board. The board itself may still appoint me back, but it also may not. We'll see.

Today is the day when stuff should happen - most or all of the elections, including a new district
president. I truly have no idea who will win - in my opinion, of the four running, I think three have a chance. We'll see how it goes. I'm up for a couple spots but not worried that I'll get any of them. (Above I said that you can only be elected to one position, so in the highly unlikely event that I win one of today's elections, I would have to decide which position to keep. I actually think I would let my circuit decide if they want me to be CV or take one of these other positions.)

Today we should also have some overtures to consider - including at least one that should create some debate. So today should be an interesting day, at least. And I'm still enjoying talking to guys and seeing folks in our district that I don't get to see very often. That's the good part of these conventions. (And during one long and boring report, I did get to look ahead, study, and think about my sermon for Easter 3 a bit!)

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