Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Busy Day

Well, today was the Walk-Run-Ride for Life. Team Athanasius raised $2,615 for the pregnancy center, good for 6th place among the teams. Thanks to all who helped and sponsored us. No pictures of the riders this year, though.

After that, however, was the Stop Hunger Now food packing event. We joined with a bunch of other churches in Vienna to package 250,000 meals for people around the world in need. This year, our food is going to Liberia and people effected by the Ebola outbreak there. Here are a couple of pictures:

Looking good in the mandatory hair nets!

Mrs. Peasant (black shirt center), daughter Peasant (white shirt next to her),
and two other Athanasians work on weighing and sealing the food bags.

My job this year was to help restock those who were filling the food bags. That meant I got to carry around and pour 50 lb. bags of rice and soy for my shift! But it was a good time. There were other Athanasians who participated also, but during different shift times.

Now I am tired and ready to relax. A nice cold beer when I got home hit the spot. Now a little more prep for tomorrow and then off to bed. 

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