Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Higher Things . . . So Far

Well, we're into day two of Higher Things-Gainesville. I had hoped to post each day but the internet connections I have had were not being cooperative! Now, however, I do have a connection, so I'll get you caught up.

Monday was driving day. We drove, and drove, and then drove some more. We landed in Savannah, GA around 6 pm and arrived at our hotel. Good thing about the hotel: it was cheap. Bad things about the hotel: internet connection, breakfast, fold out cot in the girls' room. Interesting thing about the hotel: the dog that kept trying to come in for the free breakfast!

But it was only for one night, so no big deal.

However, was turned out to be a somewhat bigger deal was the next morning . . .

We got a metal spike in the tire and so couldn't leave on time. We got everyone up and fed and the van packed by 8 and were all ready, but when we started out, the van was making a bad noise! So we pulled over and discovered the flat. :-(

The kids were great, though. The girls worked on getting the spare down and out, Rob worked on the jack and getting the flat off, and I tried to locate a place to fix it for us. Problem: one of the lug nuts wouldn't come off. So I went over and gave a couple of mighty tugs in each direction . . . and the nut came off . . . along with the lug stud (or post, or whatever you call it)! Ugh. 

So, got the spare on with only 4 lug nuts and start up I-95 ten miles north to the nearest tire place. Car keeps making more and more noise. Get to the place: Nope, sorry, can't get you in before lunch. Go to the next place: Nope, sorry, can't get you in before lunch. That man directed me another 2 miles north to a place he thought would take me quickly. So of we go again . . . car getting louder. See a "Goodyear" sign and stop there. as I get out of the car, I check the spare tire - and I can turn all the lug nuts easily with my fingers! The tire had been wobbling so badly that the lugs were coming off and if we had drive much farther, the tire might have come off all together. (Thanks to the angels for holding the wheel on for us!)

So Goodyear took us in and got us fixed in about 1.5 hours (had to buy a new tire, too). So, instead of leaving at 8, we left at 11 - so we were going to be late arriving. We arrived around 2:30 pm or so, missing a good part of the opening service. The rest of the day was quite hectic as we struggled to get caught up with everything we thought we'd have enough time for.

(Chapel set-up at UF-Gainesville)

I was on the schedule to teach during the first breakaway section. I wish I could have waited until the next day as I was still feeling a bit frazzled from everything, but it worked out. 

Now I have to change and get ready to teach again, so I will end this post now. But check back for some more info later!

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