Saturday, July 5, 2014

Higher Things - Day 4

Last Day! Always somewhat sad. Here's a picture I forgot to post yesterday, of Sam playing in the drenching rain before Evening Prayer:

The last day always has a lighter schedule - opening Matins (which I preached at), then the final plenary session, lunch, and the closing service (which I also assisted at). Then quickly check out and get on the road. Thankfully, it did not start raining (although we heard thunder during the service) until we were all loaded and in the van. :-)

Since we missed a good part of the opening service (see first Higher Things post) it was good to be able to soak in the whole closing service. Great pipe organ, great singing, ending with the Te Deum hymn (LSB #941) - which, by the way, is the theme for next year! Te Deum! So we'll get to sing it at least twice. :-)

Here's a picture from before the final plenary, but first, an explanation. The College Volunteers who help out at these conferences always have a different color t-shirt so they can be quickly identified. This year it was yellow and they kind of looked like the minions from the "Despicable Me" movies! So they dressed up like them for the final day . . . 

(Sorry my picture is not better! I think my flash was off and I was sitting back a bit.)

The drive halfway home was pretty easy. We stopped in Florence, SC - got here about 11 pm. When I booked the hotel on the internet, it looked really nice. Well, instead of using the word that starts with "F" and ends in "bag," (let the reader understand), let's just say they had a really awesome photographer! I would highly recommend them if you are in need of one! ;-)

So, off to breakfast shortly, and then the rest of the way home. 

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