Thursday, July 3, 2014

Higher Things - Day 2

Things were a bit more normal today! Lots of opportunities for worship and learning. I taught my one breakout "What's Your Worth?" for the second time today. Tomorrow I will teach: "Lord, Teach Me to Pray!" Sadly, most of the kids didn't know their catechism when I asked them about a part of it. :-(

Rob and Sarah have been playing violin during some of the prayers offices. I don't yet have a picture of them together, but here's Rob next to the organ, introducing the closing hymn at Evening Prayer last night.

The excitement for the day came after dinner in the dorm. The fire alarm went off. (It's VERY loud!) At first, one of the University people came through and said it was just a test, but shortly after that he came back and said in a very stern voice: Everybody out - now! 

We waited across the street for a little bit as the fire and police men checked out the building. Then a policeman came strolling across the street carrying a fire extinguisher . . . yup, one of the kids had sprayed it and that set off the fire alarm. I think they found out who did it, not sure. We still had to wait for a while before entering our floors as they cleaned up and reset everything. Hopefully, no repeats tonight!

So, we went and played some basketball at the Rec Center on campus. We didn't do too badly!

Finally, it was back to the dorm for a little rest and talk and for one of the kids, a shower. Can you guess who? (He/she did not want his/her picture taken! But that never stops me. :-)

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Bruce said...

Ya gotta be sneakier when trying to get pictures of that one!