Friday, June 28, 2013

Higher Things "From Above" Day 3

Day Three is always the busiest day at these gatherings. In addition to the plenary speaker, there are three breakout sessions instead of the usual two. I taught two and went to one. Then there was the "Iron Chef" competition! You were given a pound of bacon and had to cook something up in 1.5 hours for the judges. There were three teams who entered and all the food looked very good. One team made carmel bacon donuts, one made a hamburger steak with cheese and bacon filling and a cold broccoli and bacon salad, and we made bacon-pineapple pinwheels (think Hawaiian pizza) and banana bacon chocolate chip muffins with a chocolate bacon ganache icing. I thought our dishes were the most unique and interesting, but the judges went with the traditional bacon and cheese hamburger steak as the winner. Oh well, it was fun anyway. Some pictures:

"Team Bacon" (Notice the way cool bacon t-shirts!)

Our food - nice presentation, yes?

Today, Rob and Sarah also played violin for the services. They will again tomorrow too. Very nice. Another picture:

It also was pouring rain late this afternoon and into the evening. Flash flood warning kept popping up on everyone's cell phones. I think the worst of it is over. Now there is just tiredness. Very, very tired. Time to get some sleep and preach for Matins. Not much conference left . . .

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