Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Higher Things "From Above" Day 1

Things went fine the first day of Higher Things. We arrived around noon after about a 5 hour drive in the morning, checked in, and had lunch. The opening service was at 2, followed by the first plenary session, then dinner. They said the food here was good, and indeed it is! I had steak and potatoes, a salad, and a slice of chocolate cream pie for dessert. Very good. After dinner was Evening Prayer liturgy and then the first breakout session - which I skipped to do some of my own preparation. (I will teach one breakout session today and two tomorrow.) After that I hung out with the kids a little, played some Skip-Bo, and called it a night about 11. Missed praying Compline at 11:30 - just couldn't make it last night. Too long a day.

The unfortunate thing of the day was my roommate. Oh, a nice enough guy, but a snorer. No, really, I mean a SNORER! About 1:30 he woke me up. I tried putting the pillow over one ear with the other against the mattress, but to no avail. Finally I had to go out to a common area of the dorm and find a couch. It was not full sized, but it was quiet. Got a little fitful sleep. I'll see later if they can switch me to a different room.


Anonymous said...

Your roomie??

- Bruce

Pastor Peasant said...

Yes, the rooms here are all doubles unless you pay extra for a single - which I just might do next year! I actually now got moved and have a single so I can sleep!