Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Higher Things "From Above" Day 2

Eating. We do a lot of eating! :-) So there's breakfast, then Matins, followed by the plenary speaker, then lunch! After lunch, a breakout session, Vespers, a second breakout, then dinner! The food is good, too, as I said yesterday. So I'm sure I'm eating too much. I taught my presentation on Private Absolution during the first breakout, then got to sit in on one during the second. The one I really wanted to listen to got moved to a time I couldn't go. :-( Tomorrow I will teach two - another session on Private Absolution, and then a study on the baptism of the Ethiopian eunuch.

Tonight after Evening Prayer we got to go to a local water park. It was fun and a little cold. We didn't have enough time, really, to do all we wanted there. But it was still fun. The giant water slide was great. They made you go down head first, which I really didn't want to do since I don't especially like heights, but it was great. Then at 11 pm we met as a group on the hillside and sang Compline there to end the night. Then the drive back and bed.

So a good day. My kids will get to play their violins for one of the service tomorrow - I'm not really sure which one. And then tomorrow night is the "Iron Chef" bacon cooking competition! That should be fun.

PS - I DID get a new room! At first they told me no; they couldn't switch anyone anymore, it was too late. But then they did find me a room, so I should be able to get some better sleep tonight. Yea!

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