Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Father, fathers, and more

Well, I'm in northern Pennsylvania attending my circuit pastoral conference. I'm glad to be here. I've haven't been able to come much the past number of years due to my school class schedule. But now that I've completed my classwork, I can adjust a bit and start attending. It is good to be back with the brothers again. (They are the "fathers" in my title. There are some 12 of us here. A couple couldn't make it.) I led a discussion yesterday on "Luther and the Sacramentality of Absolution." It went well. Lots of good thoughts. Tomorrow I'll be up again and we'll talk about the more practical and pastoral issues dealing with private absolution. My only complaint is the driving. The traffic jam yesterday trying to get up here was terrific - and to add insult to injury, there was absolutely NO work being done in the lane closed in the "work area!" Then, after our time together yesterday it was a rather long drive to the hotel - which is closer to the church we'll be at today, but I was kinda tired last night.

The "father" in the title above is my father, who I spent Sunday night with on my way to the conference. He is becoming much more forgetful and lacking ambition. So I think we'll have to step up efforts to move him closer and give him more help and oversight. So sounds like it will be a busy time coming up and a busy summer doing that.

What's the "more?" Well, all the stuff that's been happening since I last posted, which has been some two weeks. Lots happening, just haven't been motivated to write and post.

+ I'm moving forward on my comprehensive exam bibliographies. I have one completed and ready for signature, one almost done, and one still in progress. Hopefully soon. Then I just have to read it all and be ready for my exams in the fall!

+ The Walk-Run-Ride for Life on Saturday was, well, interesting. Why? Well, the ride itself went fine. But getting there . . . I left my house keys on the roof of the car. On the drive there, I heard something hit the side of the car, but it didn't enter my mind what it was until we were farther done the road. So, since they fell off close to home, I called my wife and had her go out and look for them so I wouldn't have to backtrack and be late. Thankfully, she found them. A little bent, but still in tact!

Well, that's must be it for now. Time to shower and get ready for the day.


Anonymous said...

Never place anything on a roof, trunk or bumper. Hood maybe ... but not at night when you cannot see it.

Not a lecture or sermon ... experience from the school of hard knocks.

Pastor Peasant said...

No worries Anonymous! No offense taken. I was just glad I got them back and didn't have to worry about them. :-)