Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day Two of Conference

Day two of my conference in the books. It was a good day. We met only in the morning and had the afternoon off. There were some fun things planned, but I came back to the hotel and worked on French. Had a good dinner followed by Evening Prayer and good fellowship time afterward.

Today is the final half day. I will be leading a discussion on Private Absolution again this morning and am interested to see where the brothers want to take the discussion. If they don't, I'll talk about a recent book that is pushing for the return of "conditional absolution." I don't agree with him, but sympathize with where he coming from and why he has taken this direction. One question that arises from his book is: How normative is history? Just because our Lutheran forebears did something, does that make it "Lutheran?" Even more important, does that make it good?

After lunch, I drive back to Philly to have dinner with my Dad before heading home. Hopefully the drive will be easy. I've enjoyed my time here with the brothers, but it will be good to get home.

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