Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Higher Things, Days 1 and 2

Well, it has been an extremely busy summer for me thus far, so I haven't posted much. Now I am away with the youth at the Higher Things Conference at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL. It is a nice campus, with our buildings not too far apart. The dorms are nice too - just very, very cold!

So, day 1 of Higher Things. This is what we did:

Drive. The we drove some more. Then we drove farther. Then we drove more, and more, and more. (I think you get the idea!)

We got to our stop for the night in Evansville, IN after midnight ET. A nice family there, relatives of some folks who go to our church, put us up for the night. It was crowded, but nice. Not enough sleep, though. :-)

All the young adults on Tuesday morning.

Got up early Tuesday morning to finish the drive here. It was only about 2 hours or so more - good! Got checked in and settled in, and then the Opening Service, the first Plenary session, dinner, Evening Prayer, the first Breakout session, and then a couple of hours of free time before Compline and bed. A very full day!

The service was well done (as usual) and the plenary speaker was engaging for the kids (not all are). They did have me slotted to teach during the first breakout session - for some reason they usually do! It's hard at the end of the first long day, but it went alright. I had about 30 come and we had a good time. My next slot is the last breakout slot on Thursday afternoon - that will be both easier and harder.

One of our young ladies participated in the talent show on Tuesday night during free time. The set-up wasn't too good for her (poor sound quality) so it didn't come across as well as it should have. So she didn't win, but she still had fun.

So all in all, a good and full day.

And a couple more pictures for you, with some friends I met . . .

Pastor Peter Ill from Illinois. I knew Pastor Ill when he was Vicar Ill in New Jersey.

Pastor Jim Leistico, now from Ontario, Canada. This is actually the first time I've met Jim in person! Every time before has been online.

I met a few more than I didn't get pictures with. I'll try to get them the next couple of days.

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