Thursday, July 12, 2018

Higher Things, Day 3

Wednesday is in the books. The excitement started early as one of our young ladies got a little sick in the morning, as we were waiting for Matins to begin. Not sure if she just had an upset stomach or a little bug, but with a little TLC and rest, she was doing better by the end of the day. Hopefully, she won't miss anything today and if it was a bug, that the other ladies have been washing their hands lots so it doesn't spread around!

Things have been going well. It's hot (except in my room, which is like the arctic!), but all the prayer offices and preaching have been well done. I did not go to any of the smaller breakout sessions yesterday (there were three) opting instead to spend time in the library and try to get some work done. I have a writing deadline coming up that has me a bit concerned . . .

Today is another full day and lots of fun activities going on tonight. I'll be teaching my breakout again during the last session, late afternoon - a tough time! But we'll give it a go. :-)

Finally, some more pictures of friends I've seen here . . .

A friend and fellow Kantorei member who I probably haven't seen since Seminary! Tim Killian.

Fellow SELC District pastor John Gutz.
(I like him even though he said he voted for me at the District Convention!)

Mike and Sara Scudder. Mike was a classmate and fellow Kantorei member also.
I was the crucifer in their wedding.

And finally, David Scarborough, cousin of Sarah Fields. I met him at Higher Things last year, and then again at George's Ordination and George and Sarah's wedding. He is one of the college volunteers helping with the conference this year.

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