Saturday, April 28, 2018

District Convention - Days 2-3

Day two here in Cleveland was Day 1 of the Convention. The Board met in the morning and spent the afternoon connecting with people and preparing for the convention. My lay delegate had his pre-seminary interview (which he passed and was accepted later that day). But the day was spent mostly in conversation and preparation. The Opening Service was Thursday night and went well. Stayed up WAY too late talking and visiting, so was pretty tired for . . .

Day 2 of the Convention. Began by passing a revision of the District by-laws, which went much smoother and quicker than expected, honestly, probably because people hadn't read them and weren't prepared. After that, reports from the District President, Vice Presidents and Circuit Visitors were all quickly taken care of, so our Circuit Forums could meet - each circuit electing their Circuit Visitor for the next three years, and then also their delegates and alternate delegates for the Synodical Convention next year. As expected, I was re-elected as Circuit Visitor, but then (not so expected) I was also elected as the delegate to the Synodical Convention.

After lunch, we were able to begin the elections - a whole day ahead of time, according to the schedule. (Though we really aren't following the schedule at all!) But everything has been going quicker than scheduled. First, we elected a new District President. That in itself wasn't shocking, but that it was on the first ballot was quite unexpected. Yes, I was on the ballot, but did not expect to be elected - I was working hard for the man who did win, Rev. Waldemar Vinovskis. He is a good choice and will do a good job. It was a shocking moment for the Convention and it took a little bit for them to catch their breath. After that, the VP elections then went smoothly, two of the three on the first ballot.

During the elections we heard a bunch of reports and also passed the District Work Program (read: budget) for the next three years. Then came dinner (we eat WAY too much here!) and the closing service. The evening was spent in fellowship and conversation - not as late as the first night, but still wanted to get to sleep a little sooner than I did!

The service thus far have been good. The guys who have preached have done a good job. Tomorrow will be the rest of the elections, the Synodical President's report, and resolutions.

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