Thursday, April 26, 2018

District Convention - Day 1

We're in Cleveland for the SELC District Convention. Drove here with my lay delegate yesterday. Pleasant conversation in the car, though it was rainy and drizzly for most of the drive. It's a bit colder here than in DC, so I wish I had brought along some warmer clothes!

Today is just a bunch of preliminary stuff. The District Board meets this morning, committees in the afternoon, and then the Opening Service tonight. My delegate will have his pre-Seminary interview this afternoon while the committees are meeting - the last thing he needs to get done to finish his application process. I'll use the afternoon to talk to folks, get some reading and writing done, and relax a bit.

As for the hotel, we're at the Marriott by the airport. You can tell it's an older building, but the rooms have been renovated and are pretty nice. The exercise room is big and well-equipped, and the machines actually are in good working order! (I've been to many a hotel where this is not the case.)

So not much to report yet . . .

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