Monday, January 8, 2018

Monday Morning Coffee

Well, time for an update . . .

Now that the Christmas season is past and Epiphany is upon us, time to reflect a little . . .  It seems like Christmas went by so fast this year. Maybe that's because we really didn't have a 4th week of Advent, but just a couple of hours! It was a good Christmas, though, and nice having the family together and in church together. I know that as my children keep growing and getting older, those times will start getting less frequent.

My father has been staying healthy of late. That's good! We had a nice little Christmas celebration with him on Christmas night. He couldn't open his presents by himself this year - needed help. But he appreciated having us all there for a little while. Then after Christmas we started decorating the white board we have in his room (which we update every day with the day and date, so he'll know) with pictures of the 12 Days of Christmas. Here's the final result:

What do you think? :-) Some of the artwork is mine, some my wife's, and some my sister's. We got a little inventive at times! But it was fun.

We've also had quite the cold snap here in Northern Virginia. Normally our temperatures here are like a roller coaster, but the past couple of weeks has just been cold. Here is a screen shot from my phone yesterday:

Yup, ZERO degrees. Now, I'm not sure it was really quite that cold where I was - it didn't feel like zero. And while I know that for you guys in Minnesota and Chicago and the like, this isn't that big a deal, it IS here in NoVA.

In other news, we got the good news that the permits have been received for the repairs on our church building and work should begin imminently. So if they don't take too long, we might be able to get back in soon! That would be great.

Finally, some pictures from Christmastime . . .

With Mrs. Peasant at "Zoo Lights" at the National Zoo. My daughter's chorus sang there that night. If we look cold, it's because we are!

Our tree this year.

My girls.

Family Photo after Divine Service on Christmas Day.

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