Thursday, December 7, 2017

What Your Pastor Wants for Christmas

Note: Some of the things below are true in my situation, but some are not; some are from things brother pastors have told me and that I know they are going through.

Do you know the story of the man who has been working so much and has spent little time at home? One night he brings home flowers for his wife. She appreciates the gesture. They're nice. But it's not really what she wants. What does she want? She wants him. For him to be there for her. To spend time with her.

Well, do you know what your Pastor wants for Christmas? You.

Cash, gifts, cards, they're nice. They are appreciated. But what he really wants is you.

For you to come to the Bible class he has prepared. (Not interested in the topic? Tell him what you are interested in!)

For you to come to church every Sunday (did you know he writes a different sermon every week?), or to the midweek service, especially if it is online and you don't have to go out - just log on with your computer! Or maybe leave work a little early once in a while to come?

For you to forgive him when he is having a bad day. Did you know pastors have bad days, too? And pastors mess up - maybe more than you know.

For you to bring a friend to church.

For you to be a friend. Pastors get discouraged sometimes. They get an awfully lot of bad news and bears the sorrows, griefs, and struggles of a whole lot of people. That can be a really heavy load, in addition to their own guilt and struggles and worries.

For you to pray for him. A lot.

For you to read what he writes. It takes time, effort, and care to compose things for you. But if you don't care enough to read them . . .

For you to hug him once in a while. You might be surprised what that little gesture might mean.

And maybe you already do all of the above for your pastor. If so, THANK YOU! It means more to your pastor than you know.

But now, if you've read this far, I ask you: What do you from your pastor for Christmas? I know not many people read my little blog, but if you would, add a comment on what you want. (Be anonymous if you want.) I have some thoughts - maybe I'll share them another time. I'd rather hear from you right now. What do you want from your pastor for Christmas?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything you do Pastor! In case you didn't know it a lot of us think of you as the hardest working pastor in the world. We are a small congregation but are blessed to have you and HAVE YOU often!