Friday, December 16, 2016


So things are moving forward. The first few weeks of December are always the busiest for me. Lots of folks think Lent is the busiest time of year for Pastors, but I think this time of year is busier because it has nearly as many services plus all the extra stuff the holidays brings - family stuff, school concerts, church caroling and annual meeting, open house, gifts, decorations, cards. During Lent and especially during Holy Week, I can kind of hole myself up and spend a lot of time in the Word. That is harder to do at this time of year. I enjoy it, though!

So now we are approaching the time I can relax a bit and enjoy Christmas. Most of the busyness will be over this weekend. Plus, my son is coming home from college today (on the train) and I am going to pick-up my daughter, so the whole family will be home tonight. :-)  My brother and sister will be here the week after Christmas, so a full house! It will be fun.

A couple pictures for you . . .

Everyday either my wife or I or both of us (together or separately) go to see Grandpa Peasant and we have devotions with him. Sometimes the cat, Danny Boy, joins us. On this day, he jumped up on the bed and as you can see, closed his eyes and folded his paws. :-)

Yesterday was a special treat for my father as one of his former pastors, Charles St-Onge, was in town and got to visit a bit. Pastor St-Onge will always have a special place in our hearts as he was the pastor who escorted my mother from this world to the next. 

A blessed remainder of Advent to you all!

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