Saturday, August 8, 2015

Summertime, and the Living is . . . busy!

I don't know if this is the case for all pastors, but my summers are not times when things slow down, but are busier than ever. We had VBS right after school ended. Then I finished up my catechumens and rejoiced in their confirmation. Then off to Higher Things for a week, followed by a visit from  Bishop Omolo from Kenya with some meetings and get togethers for him, and in between all these things and their preparation, Circuit Visitor trips and meetings. Also, I just finished finalizing plans for our Circuit Pastor's Retreat in September. I am looking forward to that time with my brothers spent in liturgy and Scripture study and discussion.

So, I'm tired and much looking forward to vacation! I still have a couple weeks to go - taking a late vacation this year, combining it with dropping my son off for his second year of college. Soon . . .

Also, here is a picture of the pectoral crucifix we purchased as a gift for Bishop Omolo and presented to him during his visit:

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Anonymous said...

Late vacations reward one with something to look forward to thru the long dog days of summer AND late vacations reward vacationers with smaller crowds and shorter lines (except over Labor Day weekend) :)

Maybe sort of kind of like the first shall be last and the last first ?? :)