Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Nyapalo, Kenya Lutheran Church

We are hosting Bishop Joseph Omolo of the Lutheran Church in Kenya for a few days. Last night he shared with us a picture of the church in Nyapalo that our congregation has partnered with and helped to build. Here are before and after pictures:

This is what the church looked like when I preached there. Very small and the walls were mud and stick construction and as you can see, beginning to fall apart.

Here is the new church. Brick and mortar construction and much larger. No windows or doors yet - they are trying to raise the needed funds for those.

It was good to finally see a picture of the church we helped to build! I know that there have been controversies with the church in Kenya and with the leadership, but how good to be able to help our brothers and sisters in Christ this way. Yet, in a way, ironic, as they have a church building and we do not! :-)


Anonymous said...

Point of Correction:

Joseph Omollo is not a Bishop. He is a Reverend.

So the correct address is Rev. Joseph Omollo.

Whoever who gave that title is misleading because a Bishop leads a Diocese.

Pastor Peasant said...

Yes, that is correct. He is the Bishop of the Lake Diocese of the Lutheran Church in Kenya - hence the title.