Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Higher Things Day 2

We arrived in Grand Rapids with no flat tires this year! Yea! The opening service was a 2 pm - every seat in the chapel was taken and then some. I think the numbers are 900 youth plus adults here, but not sure. So when the pipe organ cranks and everyone starts to sing, it makes quote a sound! The kids were impressed.

The chapel has seating "in the round" as you can see. 
Hard to get a great feel for the space in this picture, 
but you can see how full it is.

After the opening service, off to the first plenary session:

Not a great picture. :-(  Waiting for the session to begin.

Next was dinner, then Evening Prayer and the first Breakout Sessions. I taught during that time. Then free time until bed. Lots to do - but one popular one was the foam pit . . .

No, I did not go in! I haven't had much chance to sit down and ask the kids their impressions of the first day - I'll do so at breakfast and post for you tomorrow.

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