Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New House. Done.

Well, the settlements all went through today, but not without a lot of drama. Our mortgage company was late getting us the final paperwork, so things got held up a bit. But finally around 2 pm it was all finished.

We met the folks buying our house. A very nice couple with twin 5 year old boys. He is in the military. They were very excited about the house and we're happy they're the ones who got it. We also met the folks selling us their house. He bought a gas station in Las Vegas and is going out to run that business. They did not want to sell to someone who was just going to flip their home, so were happy someone was buying it that really wanted it and appreciated it. So in the end, all was well.

But the drama with our mortgage company really got hard to take. Things that should have been done just weren't getting done. I found out from my agent that they have experienced that with this bank quite a bit - so much so that they are cutting ties with them. But it's done. Finally.

This afternoon after closing we went over and started working on the house. We had a lot of cleaning to do, taking mirrors off walls, washing the walls and getting them ready to paint. We want to try to get that done quickly before we have too much stuff in the house. So that's the task the next couple of days. Should be tiring!  :-)

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