Thursday, August 1, 2013

Back to Work

Well, my vacation is now officially over. It was quite a different vacation this year as we did not go away and get our usual two weeks with no computer, no internet, no email - two weeks of complete break. Had to stay home much of the time to take care of house stuff. In a way, that made it both easier and harder. Easier, for we did not have the worry of travel and being away from the familiar, but also harder as was harder to get away from work, which did encroach a time or two. But it was still a good two weeks. We got up to my Dad's for a few days and did some fun stuff in Philly. We also did some stuff here too. Yesterday we went to a State Park and spent the last day doing things there. I also got out to play golf with my son a couple of times, which is always nice.

The house selling and buying is coming together. Mostly we are now waiting for the mortgage company, settlement company, realtor, and seller to all get their work done. We've done what we've had to do and are anxious to get into our new home and start settling in. Settlements date is August 27. Yes, settlementS. We are scheduled to close on our sale at 11 AM and to close on our purchase at 12 Noon! I'm sure I'll have writer's cramp after signing all those papers.

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