Monday, May 21, 2012

We're Back

Had a very nice weekend in New York. Very hectic, busy, and tiring, but very good. Everything went well and according to plan.

We stayed at the historic Hotel Pennsylvania, right across the street from Madison Square Garden. That was cool. (I am pictured with my brother and sister, along with Joanna, my youngest.)

On Saturday we spent the day walking around the city and doing various things, which included a visit to the 9-11 Memorial. Very nicely done. The funny thing was, the only time I got a knot in my stomach was when we approached the square and the church a block or two away from the actual site, for that is where most of my memories are from; where I visited and spoke to the workers and police and military personnel when I served as chaplain there. That was the moment it hit me that I was back. While in the Memorial (which, of course, was just a steaming pile the last time I had been there) it was peaceful and calm. Very well done. Sadly, I did not get to go into the church that served as the rest area for the workers - St. Paul's Church. It closed just before we got there. I was really hoping to go in and see it again.

And here is the Peasant family with the happy graduate! The ceremony took place at Radio City Music Hall, so that was pretty cool, too. And hopefully in a few years, those doctoral stripes will be on my sleeves! :-)  

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