Monday, May 14, 2012

50 Miles

On Saturday, Adam (a pastor friend of mine, who is soon leaving for Concordia-Irvine and a teaching position there) and I went for a long bike ride. We rode the whole length of what is called the Washington and Old Dominion Trail, from Purcellville, VA to Reagan National Airport - 50 miles! It was a very nice ride, though I was getting a little tired at the end.  :-)  We'll miss him and his family, but he's going to enjoy his new teaching position and will be a blessing to the folks out there.

Pastor Peasant at Gravelly Point,
at the end of the main runway at Reagan National Airport.
(If you look closely, you can see a plane coming in low for a landing in the background.)

Adam at the end of the W&OD Trail.

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Rev. James Leistico said...

there's some good bike trails throughout Irvine - even going all the way down to the ocean. and more days of great biking weather.

on the other hand, whenever I get jealous, I just remind myself that Californians have to deal with Sacramento's bad laws.