Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Who Are Those Guys?

Usually, as I walk my daughter to the bus stop (each morning at 6 am) there are very few people out and about in our quiet neighborhood. But this morning, we passed a line of eight people, walking single file, to one of the houses on the street next to ours. Very strange . . . but, I thought, maybe they have a group of people taking a trip somewhere. Well, after we got past a few of them, I noticed the side arms, vests, and then the large white letters on the back of their vests: FBI. Okaaaaay. A few seconds later came the pounding on the door . . . We stopped to watch for a few seconds, but had to get to the bus stop. When I was walking back, the excitement seemed to be over, as the door of the house was open, the lights were on, and the agents were walking in and out. What could it be? Drugs? (But would that be the FBI?) Something to do with terrorism? Not sure, but an interesting way to start the day, no?  :-)

Thank you God, for those who protect us. Protect them in their vocations. Amen.

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