Sunday, March 18, 2012


Haven't blogged lately - too much going on. Church, school, home. Hard to find time to get it all done. Classes are interesting but demanding. Spring break should really be two weeks: one week to rest and one to catch up! But it'll all get done. It always does.

Not really happy with how I preached today. I think I was just out of sorts. As I've said before, preaching every Sunday means that no matter how well or how poorly I think I did preaching each week, I have to put it behind me and start preparing for next Sunday. (And these weeks, for Wednesday night.) That's good. Can't get too high or too low - just have to keep preaching the Word and trusting that the Lord will work through His Word. And He does. He always does.

Finally:  Lehigh 75  Duke 70! My alma mater did well! I did not fill out a bracket this year, but if I had, I was actually toying with picking Lehigh. I probably wouldn't have, but I knew they had a really good player, but didn't think he'd be enough. They play Xavier tonight. For some reason, I think it will be a tougher test. Maybe not. We'll see. I should be home in time to see the second half.

Time to get to work.

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