Wednesday, June 29, 2011


A tradition unlike any other.

No, not the Masters . . .

This is our VBS week. We do not have as many children this year as past years. Not sure why. This year will be the first year our own children actually outnumber our guests. That will make for a new dynamic.

We're using the CPH materials this year - Big Jungle Adventure.

It's not bad, but honestly, not up to par with their regular Sunday School materials. We keep hoping that the VBS programs will be improved to match the Sunday School materials, but so far, not yet. Perhaps this could be a suggestion for CPH - if you want to compete with the big VBS programs from other publishers, that's fine. And these materials probably do a good job of that. But perhaps also include some materials that have a bit more meat for those that want them.

For example, we don't do all the decorating and making the place look like a jungle. First of all because we don't own our building and would have to put it up and take it down every day - much too big a task! Our teachers instead do a great job in their classrooms with props and telling the story and even some decorations. We also don't use the DVD skits and a lot of the other extras, But my teachers (especially of the small ones) would like more ideas of how to teach the children the stories. They come up with their own great ideas, but its not always easy.

And yes, our children have fun. It is vacation, not school. Yet at the same time, to quote from another pastor friend of mine: when we work we work, when we play we play, and when we worship we worship.

Well, its been a pretty good week so far. Enjoying the kids. Always glad when it's done, though, because that means my vacation isn't too far away . . . :-)

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