Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Friday

I love what Maple trees look like from the ground up. When we moved here, we had three of them around our house, and they provided very nice shade and fantastic colors in the Fall.

I hate what Maple trees are underground. They must have the biggest, orneriest roots of any trees! So, once those roots started causing trouble around our house (i.e., splitting our concrete steps and clogging drains), the trees, sadly, had to go. That was two years ago. We planted two dogwoods in place of two of them, and left the third place vacant. We weren't sure if we wanted another tree there.

Well, I am still dealing with the roots left behind by that tree! Oh, when the landscapers took the trees out, they ground out the stumps - but Maple roots are looong and spread far. Shortly after the trees came out, I laid a new drain to help with the water by our front steps. Something like 30-40 feet to the back of the house, and I had to chop and dig my way through some terrible roots!

Well, yesterday was my turn for more agony. That old tree used to be right next to a garden we've been wanting to plant. We have, but the ground is still so rooty that it's hard to dig and plant anything. So yesterday's job was to tackle that garden and try to de-root it. Oh my. I had no idea what I was in for! It took all day, digging, pulling, and chopping, but I am happy to say that our garden is now in much better shape and we have planted a bunch of plants there that I hope will look nice for years to come. Last night I was really sore and tired (and still a bit today!), but a job done right is a job I hope I will never have to do again!

And when we have those ugly looking bushes next to some other steps taken out - trust me! - it will be the landscapers digging up those roots! :-)

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