Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympics. Done.

Well, the Olympics are over. I enjoy watching them. What I most enjoy is watching sports I only get to see once every four years. On that list that I enjoy is biathlon - the Cross Country Skiing and Shooting combination. I just don't know how those guys do it! I know how tired I get after running hard - but to instantly calm your heart rate enough to shoot the length of a football field to a target the size of a silver dollar! Amazing.

I also was struck by the fact that the same Cross Country skiers seemed to enter all the races, no matter what the distances, from sprints to the skiing marathon. In running, you have specialists - sprinter, middle distance, long distance - but not in skiing. Interesting. I wonder why not, and if the sport will evolve to begin to do that. Maybe there's not enough money in it to specialize.

I think its great that Canada won the most golds. I also like the fact that we did so well in some of the older, more traditional sports - like the Nordic skiing events and the bobsled. It never quite seemed right that we won the medal count because they added those extreme sports. One even that I really don't care for: short track speed skating. A bit too hectic and crowded for me!

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