Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I was privileged to spend Monday night and most of yesterday with my brother pastors at a circuit conference in New Jersey. I was able because my usual class at CUA yesterday was canceled - the professor was traveling. With my new school schedule, I now have to miss most of my circuit conferences, so this was truly a treat. One of the presentations was particularly timely for me as well, and I am grateful for the Lord's hand at work to get me there for it.

This morning, the Treasury of Daily Prayer had a good writing about reverence for the Sacrament of the Altar. One line in particular struck me: "For where the Word is rightly seen, considered, and believed, the adoration of the Sacrament will happen of itself." I think this is done largely by the Pastor in His preaching, in how He conducts the service, in how He handles the Body and Blood of the Lord. As He does, so will His people do. So if I treat the Lord's Supper as something not very holy, the people will learn from that and regard it the same way. However, if I show reverence and care, the people will learn from that as well.

Finally, how blessed I am to have good and godly Elders in my congregation. I thank God for them, and for their wisdom, counsel, and friendship. They are truly gifts from my Heavenly Father.

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