Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow So Far

This is what we woke up to this morning. About half this tree is now in our yard. Snow is extremely wet and heavy. In my backyard we have 16 or so inches, with another 5-10 being forecast still to come today. This won't be like the big December snow which was all light and fluffy - this is going to be hard work to shovel and clear. Hard work.

Update (10:00 am) - Kids wanted to go out and sled but couldn't get the front door open; the snow is too high and heavy. Also couldn't get the back gate open. So had to send them out the living room window! And yes, its still coming down . . .

Update (1:00 pm) - Still snowing . . . my kids and I just went out and took some video. More of our tree has come down. About 2 feet pretty consistently all around our house. The main road looks pretty bad.

Update (7:00 pm) - Last update for the night . . . The snow stopped sometime between 3-4 pm. We probably got an additional inch or so, so let's call it 25 inches here. Went out and cleared off the cars and shoveled a bit. Still lots more to go, but it will wait until tomorrow. Hopefully the plow will come and clear the road tonight. Otherwise, not going anywhere tomorrow. Got plans anyway - some sledding and snowman building with the kids! :-)


Rev. Iovine said...


Up here in NJ it is very weird. Go a few miles south, light snow. Go down to around the Secaucus - Staten Island area, heavy snow, up to a foot. In the course of 50 miles, our weather caster said it was the difference between nothing and a blizzard. Very weird.

And, of course, they are hyping a snowstorm for Wednesday night or Thursday up here. May get a foot.

Why don't I believe them?

Rev. Iovine said...

Oh, forgot --- were I am in Bergen County, not a flake of snow.