Sunday, June 28, 2009

Private Absolution

Kudos to my District President for making Private Absolution available at the Convention before the opening Divine Service on Monday night. I took advantage of this opportunity (and really needed it!), and then was privileged to serve as a Father Confessor for my fellow pastors and laity in attendance. What a blessing this is! To hear the absolution applied to me individually. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity when they can, and if your pastor does not offer it - demand it! (Don't worry - he will be delighted at your demand.)

The only drawback at the Convention was the logistics. The chapel where we met the first day and for the opening Divine Service did not have a very good place for this. We found two rooms, but access to them was in the front of the chapel. While this didn't bother me, it may have inhibited others. In the future, I hope we will continue this practice at all District functions and I hope we will have better locations, that we may better encourage others to take advantage of this.

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Rev. James Leistico said...

we (So. Illinois) haven't yet had it at a District Convention, but it's been sheduled for at Pastors' Conferences for 3 years now. The first time we didn't have enough Father Confessors! Space for confession has also been a problem at times, but it's getting better with each conference.