Thursday, January 22, 2009

Missing Symposia

This is the first year since I became a pastor that I have missed the Theological Symposia at our Ft. Wayne seminary. I miss being among my fellow pastors, listening to the papers, and attending chapel. It is always a refreshing time for me. This year, though, since I am departing for Kenya on Saturday for a little over two weeks, would have been too much. I need this week to be with my family before I leave and to finish my preparations for teaching. I am both terrified and excited at the opportunity. But the reason for my post: I have not seen much posted about the symposia. Any of you out there attending - what have you heard? What has been good? Bad? Enlightening? Please advise.


Rev. James Leistico said...

though not near as consistent in attendance as you, I've made a point to listen online when I couldn't be there in person. this year even that didn't happen due to sicknesses here at home (that's the worst part - I was home anyway on Tuesday, and could've been listening practically all day! (No, wait, the worst part was I could've been avoiding all the media drivel about worldly events and set my thoughts on things above!) But Wednesday was doctors visits and today was try to do three days' work in one day. tomorrow is my 33week pregnant wife's ob appointment, so no chance to listen tomorrow either.)

Pastor Peasant said...

I didn't know you could listen online this year. Previous years I think they even had streaming video? But I went to the Symposia page and didn't see anything - audio or video. I was disappointed. Maybe I just didn't look in the right place. Anyway, hope you feel better!

Rev. James Leistico said...

oh, I just assumed since it happened in years past it would be available again this year. I just found the website note saying not this year, but in coming months they will make video available.

I pray the Lord provide success for your efforts in Africa, safety for you and your familiy while you are apart, and a foretaste of Heaven in a joyous homecoming.