Tuesday, May 1, 2018

+ Rest in Peace, My Brother +

Well, another brother in office in my District has been called home to glory, though this one not quite as unexpected.

Picture from 90th birthday party

Luther was over 90 years old, yet still actively serving his congregation as their sole pastor! He just refused to retire and wanted to keep serving his flock. And he faithfully did, though his health had its ups and downs, as you would expect. He was truly a kind and gentle soul, and a great example and role model for a young pastor like me when I came into the District.

At our District Convention, we had our Service of Memorial for all those in the District who had died the last triennium on Saturday night. Well, on Sunday morning we all heard the news that God had called Luther home that very night. Great sadness, yet also great joy in knowing that our brother now rests from his labors.

Sadly, just like my last brother's funeral, I won't be able to attend this one either. My schedule is too tight and the cost just too much. I keep expecting flights from DC to Chicago to be cheap, but they aren't anymore - at least, not last minute ones. So rest in peace, my brother. I will see you again on the Last Day.

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