Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Week That Was

Had a busy past seven days with a couple of trips and lots of other stuff going on. Won't bore you with the details, just some pictures to look at!

First, some of the fox family that seems to be living - at least part of the time - under our sun porch.

One of the kits coming out from under the sun porch.

All three of the kits together.

On Saturday night, I got to go to a Washington Nationals game with my youngest daughter. It was school Safety Patrol night and she got a free ticket. They were playing the Phillies! Not bad seats, though it was pretty cold!

Before the start of the game with the scoreboard behind us.

Our view of the game. We were in row T, so about 20 rows up from the field.

Teddy, one of the racing presidents!

With my kids now home from college and us all together (for a few days anyway), we all went to see my Dad . . .

This was just two days after the oral surgeon had to dig out an abscess - he's doing really well! (The good thing about dementia - the next day, he didn't remember anything about having to drive all around and all the pain involved.)

Petting "his" cat.

Funny story: While my wife was visiting last week, he said: "I've always been a dog person, but here I went and got myself a cat!" :-)  Glad he feels at home.

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